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View Bridge Builders Mentor Program In Action!
Bridge Builders Mentor Program In Action!

Take a look into what the Bridge Builders Mentor Program was all about. We are so thankful for what this program stands for and the impact it had on our young men here at Booker T. Washington. The program has had much success and we are thankful to everyone that took part in this journey!

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View Bridge Builders Fishing Trip
Bridge Builders Fishing Trip

In the Fall, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Irby and several other adults took our boys in the Bridge Builder Mentoring Program on a fishing trip. The boys were eager to board the bus in the early morning hours to see what they could catch in the waters along Cedar Point at Dauphin Island. After fishing the boys were treating to lunch at Golden Corral where they had an excellent time. These are just one of many things that Mr. Wilson has planned for the boys in the program. Sometimes we have to realize that the small things make a BIG difference in the lives of our students!

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View Teaching others to tie a tie!
Teaching others to tie a tie!

Several young men from our Bridge Builder Mentor Program were invited by the Delta Sigma Theta E.M.B.O D.I. to teach other young men how to tie a tie.

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