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Irby, Leon Assistant Principal
Brown, Angie Principal
Reiss, Francheska Counselor
Moffatt, Colleen Bookkeeper
Washington, Felicia Register

Bready, Mark 7th/8th Science
Bush, Mary Special Education/Teacher
Campbell, Kaitlin Reading Intervention Teacher
Carson, Terrance 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Davis, LaKiesha 6th Grade Science/Math
Holley, Kelvin Custodian
Lavender, Metasha Special Education/Teacher
Lindy, Lisa Media Specialist
Nelson, Semico Retract Paraprofessional
Presley, Robert P.E./Teacher
Shipman, William Special Education
Tucker, Niki 6th Language/social Studies
Ward, Brent 7th/8th Math
Yates, Ashley 7th/8th English Langauge Arts

Cox, Richetta Cafeteria
Holley, Kelvin Custodian
Jones, Gloria Cafeteria Manager
King, Leola Custodian
Lynch, Natasha Paraprofessional
Mixon, Jacquelyn Cafeteria
Moore, Janice Cafeteria
Morris , Ronald Custodian
Murphy, Diane Custodian
Nelson, Semico Paraprofessional
Randle, Pamela Paraprofessional
Wilkerson, Lorenzo Cafeteria
Wilson, Bronwyn Cafeteria

Brown, Lynne Assistant Principal 6th Grade at Mae Eanes Middle School
Clarke, Adline Owner of Black Classics Books and Gifts
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