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Welcome to the BTW Library






 Please encourage your child(ren) to read.

The more they read the more they will know 

and the more they know the better they will do in school.

You are also invited to come in and browse our collection. 

You may find something you want to read. 


School Library Goals 

Our goal is to enable students to become information literate and effective lifelong readers.

 Our program provides educational and technological opportunities to students and staff addressing their needs and abilities. It is the goal of our library media program to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to encourage leisure use of worthwhile materials.


Library News
 Parents, please feel free to stop by
and become acquainted.  We have plenty of comfortable places to sit and enjoy literature or use the internet.  Our Destiny Quest search stations make it possible to find books and do research with ease. WebPath Express gives students a portal with safe and productive web links. Washington students know how to be prepared for a research projects. See more library programs and plans on our Google calendar.


What can you do as a parent?

Make it a point to know what your child's reading level and reading goals are. Reading is very important to your child and it takes practice, so make sure that they are reading every day. Remember it does not have to be just books, it can be newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, or street signs. Be sure to visit your school library on Parenting Day and any PTO night. Reading is something that your child will do every day from now on.



1. Read to understand the past.

2. Read to explore your world.

3. Read to plan your future.

4. Read to visit new places.

5. Read to create great things.

6. Read to make a good decision.

7. Read to have fun.

8. Read to exercise your mind.

9. Read to keep in touch.

10. Read because you can!


Computer use

Students use the library computers with a pass and project tool box.



Over 7,000 books and media copies

eBooks in Ficton and Non fiction

Library Web page

Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) database

Discovery Education cloud resource

online student and teacher resources

Destiny Quest for students and Destiny Classic for teachers

110+ audiovisual titles 

student magazines 

professional magazines 

reference section in the library for research projects

Special collections include: Black History, Alabama History, collective biographies,

Autographed books


If you note any "bad links", please let us know.



Many thanks to several librarians and teachers for ideas and concepts used within this webpage

Updated Fall 2017




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